My mom didn’t sit me down one day and explain the glorious passage of creativity that would bloom  in mid and older-life.  Instead she shared that she never told the truth about her age, as if being over the age of forty were some great embarrassment. I’m way past forty at this point, and I’ve tried to imagine how painful it must have been for her to feel so much shame around getting older.


Once upon a time, in the world where I grew up,  a woman’s value was measured by her looks, her weight and her age. Her opinions and insights into the world were not valued, because just like the false adage that once applied to children, women should be seen and not heard.


This is a website about aging well, about the great creative surge that begins in midlife.  This is a story about embracing the years and the gifts, many of which I've shared through my work as a writer, motivational speaker, blogger and podcaster. 


The word byline, means written by. The byline lets us know whose story it is. I want to inspire women through storytelling, to embrace the strength and power of heart-filled living.  We are in the midst of a great cultural shift that encourages us to take pride in our stories, especially the ones that illustrate how we paved a way and paid a price.  To reflect upon the history that shaped us is to track the defining milestones that now inform us. George Santayana famously wrote,  “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”


Embracing the years is an unburdening, whether you're seventy-five or twenty-five. Women have learned that our value never resided in our age, weight, looks, silence or submission. Women all around us are demonstrating courage and purpose as they stand in the light of truth.


A generosity of spirit rises up to meet us.  That is the surge of creativity that women are feeling today – women’s history tells the story of regathering the broken pieces and weaving them into wholeness. We are free and sovereign souls, fully engaged in the sacred endeavor of making a life that is akin to making art.