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A   G I F T



Happiness is an attitude of gratitude. I am not quite sure where I first heard that quote, but I can tell you it’s what my dog teaches me everyday.


We are moving toward the sunset together and
on that horizon, eternity lingers.

. . .

Laughter ties everything together with appreciation and gratitude for life.

The real priority, the real greatness of these years, is not in accomplishments, but in the ongoing conversation between hearts.

. . .


Life takes things away with one hand and offers something with the other hand.

Holding Hands

Spiritual connection is found in quiet moments of appreciation, in gratitude, and in the early morning hours of reflection, and prayer.

. . .

Loss and letting go textures us, refines us and educates our hearts, growing our capacity for compassion.

I dance just as much as I used to. Only now I have to be careful that I don’t induce whiplash.

. . .

Stand as a spiritual warrior at the threshold of old age. This is no time to shrink away, to believe the lies of insignificance or uselessness. 

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