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My adventure in broadcast storytelling started when I created a podcast called Coffee Table Wisdom, which ran for two seasons. Along the way, I met so many people whose voices inspired, shaped and informed my own messaging. But podcasting, while a lot of fun, requires a digital savvy that I just don’t have, not to mention a tremendous energy output. So, I stopped doing Coffee Table Wisdom.

Another part of my learning curve in broadcasting was cohosting a radio show with David Yakir of Yak About Today. It was really fun to have a show that flew under the banner of i-Heart radio.  We could be heard on Florida’s space coast twice a week -- on WCZR 107.1  If I didn't spend so much of my time writing, I'd want to dive further into creating shows for podcast and radio. But . . . sigh, there are only so many hours in the day and I'm at a stage in life, where I no longer believe that I can do everything.  So I've prioritized, honoring the clarity of thinking that tells me that what I want to do next is write another book.

Fortunately, I'm often asked to be a guest on other people's podcasts. Knowing how much work it takes to create a show, I appreciate and admire all of the show hosts who've invited me to be share their air time.  Hanging out with creative types in the podcasting arena keeps teaching me about life, love, loss and passion. 

Will I ever create another podcast?  Another radio show?  Well as the saying goes, "please be patient, the universe isn't done with me yet . . ." I want to keep my options open. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shows from the two seasons of Coffee Table Wisdom.  I hope you'll enjoy them and thanks for listening.  Stay tuned . . .