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Garden Tools and Summer Dreams

I watched from the kitchen window as he dug in the rich, dark soil and carefully placed the tomato plants and yellow squash. It was a voyeuristic moment, a glimpse into his peace. My husband works in his head…data and information, technical writing for both lay people and doctors. And here he was in a totally different scenario on this beautiful edge of summer, digging with his trowel and his hands, bent over plants, anticipating their fruits. He was quiet. I stood for a long time at the window and just watched, happy.

As the experience of intense driving and motel rooms between Colorado and here recede into memory, I find that we are relaxing a more and more each day. The stress of getting here with full trunks and a Labrador Retriever has given way to sitting on the deck of our new home in the morning and watching the cedar trees dance in the breeze. There are some birds that live near by that sound like cats. When I first heard one, I thought a cat was trapped somewhere. It took awhile to realize that it is a bird making the distressed sound of a loud meow. I have no idea what kind of bird it is, but it makes me laugh. I imagine the cats aren’t that thrilled being mocked.

Our stuff arrives from Colorado tomorrow. We have been sleeping in our new home on a sofa bed that we purchased. Here is the truth about sofa beds:  they are built for your eight year-old cousin, whose back is young. Sleeping in a sofa bed for adults is akin to lounging in an airline seat. I am so excited about sleeping in my bed on Monday night!

Yesterday we explored the local farmer’s market and came home with a bag of fresh greens and snap peas. We had also got raspberries, but they did not even make it to the car. It was fun walking around our new town and taking in the sites. Friendliness permeates this place, and while I know that there can be assholes everywhere, they seem to be in shorter supply here. There is something to be said for a small population. I think we humans were meant for tribes and communities and not for condensed, crowded spaces…at least I know that I am wired that way.

I am going to go water the garden now and say a little prayer over my husband’s tomatoes. Thank you comes easily to my heart this day.

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