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Today's blog post is a poem, written for a friend far away. We have blessed each other with a relationship that thrives on deep conversations and creative endeavors. Last week, during a rainstorm, I remembered that it was her birthday and so I wrote her a poem. I'm inspired to share the poem with you too.

Rainstorm . . .

Thunder rumbled all night and into the dawn

Flashes of light and fury, consuming the sky

The rains steady and full of promise

Quenching dry ground and brittle bone

The struggle to write the morning into being

With faulty sentences and waves of emotion

Wondering where it all comes from

These torrents of fear, beauty and awe

Dreams give birth at the bottom of tea mugs

In dog-eared William Carlos Williams books

Crying for a vision to form

And soak the brown earth of our souls

Dawn breaks into silver gray

I think of you, always far away

Kindred spirit of creative storms

Baptizing, washing away, cleansing

I will meet you in a sea of raindrops

Long for you in worded structures that live in clouds

We will know each other through the weaving

Of creative journeys unleashed by Zeus

Dear reader, may you always have someone with whom you can share the poetry of your heart, however that may manifest. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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